Is there a minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order for bulk bag products. The loose products have a minimum of 2 Tonnes / Cubes, for delivery. Turf has a minimum order of 10 rolls.

Can I buy a half bulk bag or half a tonne?

We do not sell half bags or half tonnes for delivery of our products, but are looking to produce smaller bags in the year 2024. You can collect Loose from us and purchase a half tonne or cube of our products.

Can I choose a date and time?

We are unable to offer specific days or times. We promise your delivery within 7 working days of your order being placed. We will email you the date of the delivery as soon as it is scheduled in. We are unable to give times.

Do any of your products contain peat?

None of our products contain peat.

Do you deliver at weekends?

We deliver Monday – Friday and are closed at the weekends.

Do you deliver to allotments?

We can deliver to allotments if the lorry can access and there is hard standing roadway. We deliver kerbside, so will be unable to deliver if there is no roadway or hard standing. We will require the post code of the delivery address.