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Trust The Soil Experts

After thirty years in the industry, our team at North Oxfordshire Topsoil are uniquely positioned to recommend and advise gardeners on the type of soil to use. We have created beautiful soil blends for organic gardening and specific usages such as promoting healthy root growth, and can even blend bespoke mixes if you have a request. Delivered throughout Banbury and the surrounding areas of Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, we provide an incredible product at a price gardeners will love.

Bring Your Garden To Life

Whether you’re growing flowers, herbaceous borders, shrubs or even vegetables, our Garden Mix is the essential topsoil for all general gardening purposes. Made from a 4:1 ratio of topsoil to green compost, this nutrient rich base will get your organic gardening off to a great start. We source all of our topsoil sustainably from BS3882 Certified sites so you can be certain of their quality and efficiency.

Brighten Your Lawn

The grass is always greener on the other side – unless you use our Lawn Mix! By adding sharp sand to our topsoil, we have created a soil that improves drainage and is ideal for growing healthy new lawns. Perfect for reseeding or correcting compact soil on your existing lawn, this standard mix will give your grass a new lease of life.

Quality Root Zone Products

As a blend of coarse grit sand, compost, and our quality topsoil, our Root Zone soil mix is ideal for improving poor draining soils. If your garden gets too much shade or the rain is unable to penetrate soil and instead pools on top, our Root Zone mix will transform your gardening. It can also work well as a levelling medium when laying a new lawn or reseeding.

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