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In addition to our topsoil mixes and hard landscaping services, North Oxfordshire Topsoil carries a variety of horticultural sands such as silica sand and construction aggregates such as sharp sand. Delivered from our base in Banbury to Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, these high quality products are ideal for commercial or domestic use.

Sand and Construction Aggregates

We stock a variety of building sands used for construction, which should not be confused with horticultural sands! Building sands, such as sharp and soft sands, can actually damage your garden, so if you are in any doubt about which of our sand and gravel products to order please seek advice from one of our helpful and experienced team members.

Horticultural Silica Sand

Silica sand is often used in gardening as it drains well, doesn’t compact, and is easy to dig in. In addition, certain types of plants may prefer sandy soils. Adding our premium silica sand will enhance your soil, and when used in conjunction with our compost and mulches can help your plants thrive year round.

Soft Sand In Construction

Soft sand is most commonly used by bricklayers and plasterers to make mortar or render. If you are seeking a high quality supplier of soft sand for your use as a sole trader, commercial enterprise, or even for some DIY around the home, choose North Oxfordshire Topsoil for incredible value and a standard of service that cannot be surpassed.
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Multipurpose Sharp Sand

There are many different ways to utilise sharp sand as a construction aggregate, but it is most often used in the production of concrete. We offer this versatile and flexible aggregate for delivery to clients in Banbury, Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, for competitive prices.

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