Root Zone

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Ideal for sports fields and turfed spaces. A blend of our Premium topsoil, coarse grit sand and soft sand. This is ideal for improving poor draining soils. Recommended if your garden gets too much shade or the rain pools on the surface. Suitable for lawn and sports fields, this top dressing helps break down the thatch layer in your turf, improves overall soil quality and stimulates grass to produce new shoots for a denser grass cover as well as improving drainage.

Guaranteed High Quality Top Dressing

  • Laying Turf
  • Improve drainage
  • Levels lawns
  • Top dressing for Sports Fields
  • Our topsoil is screened to 6mm.
  • Coverage & Approximate Bag Size
  • Bulk Bag Size: Approximately 0.66m³.
  • One Root Zone Soil Bulk Bag will cover approximately 36m² to the depth of 2cm.