About Us

North Oxfordshire Topsoil have been operating for over thirty years developing and ensuring our high standards which is greatly reflected in our numerous and expanding repeat clients. Our business has developed over the years so our primary region is 25-30 mile radius of our base just South West of Banbury although we will always try supplying clients needs further afield on an individual basis.

BS3882 Testing

We here at North Oxfordshire Topsoil are very protective of our hard earned reputation within the industry. To this end we rigorously test our soils with an independent body so that our clients are assured that it complies with the British Standards criteria.

The British Standards Specification for Topsoil was introduced in 1994 and has been updated in 2007 and 2015 so that it has the correct Fertility levels and Structure composition and that it is free of any contaminates. Our soils are exclusively from Green field sites and are tested in Chemtech’s laboratories and their written reports assure us that our clients are confident of its credentials. Our soil is then finely screened to 6mm to ensure the premium Topsoil our customers have come to expect.

Not all Topsoil is the same and many suppliers don’t go to the expense of having theirs tested or keep the same standards so it always worth using a company such as ourselves who satisfy British Standards.

Local to Oxfordshire

Our primary area that we cover is roughly 30 miles radius from our base South West of Banbury due to the transport costs associated with the supply of our soil. We do however consider clients from outside this area on an individual order basis. If ordering online, once you have seen a product that may be of interest to you, you will be asked for your postal area which will determine if we can supply to your area or it will invite you to contact us on 01295 720483.